Wedding Cakes

I look forward to working with you if I am available on your wedding date!

I charge $3.50 per slice. I am located in Livermore CA.  I ask that you provide any fresh
flowers you want on the cake. I also have many high quality silk flowers and can provide
those for your cake at no charge.

Each tier can be a different cake flavor if you wish.  Lately chocolate and marble
(chocolate & yellow swirled together) are the favorites!  The frosting is white, so most
guests are happily surprised when you cut the cake and they see flavors.

I have tier legs that range from very short to tall.  If you want a "stacked" cake look, I  
use my shortest legs to tier the cake up, about 1/4" to 1/2” apart and use frosting to fill
in the space. I also have tier legs that are 1",  2”  and 2-1/2" apart and add flowers
between the tiers to cover the open space.  If you prefer more height to the cake I can
use longer tier legs which allow for 3-4" and 5-6" between the tiers, and then create
flower bouquets that sit on top of each cake layer.  I can create a 3-tier or 4-tier cake
then I add additional sheet cakes as needed.  I tell brides, "Serve the whole cake, I'll
make you a free anniversary cake in a year".  
I also do cupcake weddings, and provide a tall tower stand for use.

I have many
pictures of the different styles I do and would enjoy meeting with you to
discuss the possibilities.

I am happy to meet with you if you live within my delivery distance of 50 miles from
Livermore, CA.    I do not charge a delivery fee or set up fee.
Cake Creations by Bev