Serving all your Celebration cake needs!

I have been making cakes for over 20 years, as a side business. I work at a National
Laboratory in Livermore.  My cake business has helped put my two oldest boys through
college, both Engineers, and my third son is in college with two years to go.  I use my
own buttercream frosting, made from scratch.  I make fresh cakes - never freeze them.  
I usually begin baking about 12 hours before delivery.  

I  give my full attention to each cake, so I usually do only one wedding per day.   
Occasionally I do two wedding cakes in a day, if the distance and timing are just right,
especially if one is a morning set up and the other is an afternoon set up.   I am
particular.  I want to be sure my cake is fresh, delicious and beautiful!   If we meet I can
show you more pictures of cakes I have created and  I can bring you a free sample
cake to taste.  
Cakes and Services

I make cakes for all types of celebration events.  I specialize in Wedding Cakes,
Birthday Cakes, Holiday Cakes, and Various other occasions.
Cake Flavors
Chocolate - Yellow - Marble - Vanilla - Red Velvet - Red Velvet Marble - Lemon - Mocha  
Chocolate -Vanilla/Almond .
Filling Flavors
Raspberry - Lemon - Creamy Chocolate, Vanilla or Banana Pudding - Strawberry (fresh or
gel, depending on the season) - Sliced Banana, Mocha Chocolate pudding, Cream Cheese.
Cake Creations by Bev
Wedding cakes:  $3.50/slice   Cupcakes:  $2/each